Primitive Hearts – High and Tight Repress in stock now.

We are happy to announce that last years feel good summertime album Primitive Hearts – High & Tight is back in stock at FDH. Supplies are limited. Grab yours today so you can spin it at your end of summer parties.

Primitive Hearts – High & Tight
$11 US Dollars

Suicide Bong Tapes

As we have mentioned a few times over the past 2 years we also do a all Philly tape label called Suicide Bong Tapes. We just released 2 new tapes (The Dolts, and FTS) and made up a new batch of shirts. Our shirts are available for 8$ each and tapes are 3$ each in the Suicide Bong Section of the store. However for the remainder of August we are running a special deal. Here is what you get.

Suicide Bong Tee Shirt
Likers – Men Of Honor tape
FTS -Financially Tight Situation tape
The Dolts – Nadine tape
ONLY 15$

Represses coming very soon- Teledrome, Destruction Unit, Primitive Hearts

A few killer releases from out back catalog that have gone out of print are coming back for another round. We have vinyl represses coming in early fall for the following records. You can order your represses below!

Teledrome- Self Titled LP
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Sept 2014)

Primitive Hearts – High & Tight
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Sept 2014)

Destruction Unit – Eclipse
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Sept 2014)

OR get all 3 together for 30$

SGNLS – Pre-Orders now up

Have you ever thought about what it might sound like if Hawkwind recruited Genesis P Orridge and members of The Units into the band? Or if Kraftwerk merged with members of Pink Floyd and Crass to work on a concept record together? Of course you have not, and neither had I before I heard this record. While this Philadelphia based band has been churning out a slew of releases over the past half a decade including a great LP on Blind Prophet Records, this album really is the first time the whole Sgnls concept has been captured on a single work. With that said they also have stepped up their production quality well above anything they had released prior to this record. It somehow showcases the bands ability to make a sound that is truly blurs the lines of synth-punk, industrial, psych, and krautrock while still holding a pop sensibility. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with so many peaks and valleys that all work so well together, somehow never seaming to go to deep in any one direction, yet at the same time the album is still very cohesive. It really is a masterpiece that must be listened to as a in its entirety (and maybe a few times in its entirety) to truly appreciate the varied sound and styles it merges while sounding effortless doing it.

SGNLS – No Connection from FDH Records on Vimeo.

We have started preorders for this record today, the record is Due out in October. You can find a link below to either order this record alone or you can order the “Philly Synthpunk pack” including both SGNLS “2″ & The Bad Doctors “Burning City” LP’s. The first 50 copies of the SGNLS LP will include a DVD with music videos, a live set, and a interview. We also will be giving away 3 copies of the SGNLS test press in random preorders! We have a lot more info coming very soon on this release. In the mean time check out the track “Love Goes Running” in our player.

First 50 copies ordered come with a limited DVD (Including a live set, music videos, and a interview)
$11 US Dollars (This is a preorder. Record due out in Nov 2014)

“Philly Synthpunk Pack”
Includes a copy of SGNLS -2 & The Bad Doctors -Burning City LP’S
$19 US Dollars

Spring / Early Summer 2014 Update

The Bad Doctors – So as many of you know I have been pushing very hard about this record. I have talked about this record for a good year now and “Burning City” has finally hit the streets a few weeks back. This record is a must have in my personal opinion as I really think this band is onto something and this is just the start. We spared no expense in making this one and it shows. From the killer artwork from Michael Haddad, to the top notch recording from Matthew Ricchini, and the endless hours of tweeking of tracks we could not be happier with the end result. In addition to our standard issue of the album on LP (with many different standard and silkscreened versions available), we also had a limited Euro version that came out on P.Trash records with one track swapped out for that version. We currently have our versions as well the P.Trash version available in our store. We are getting very low on the silkscreened version so act fast before its gone forever. We plan on having a very long relationship with these guys so you are bound to hear more about them from us in years to come. We also have the bands prior releases (an LP and 7″) available as well as a few extra tote bags and turntable slipmats.

Teledrome – This LP came out a few months and is soooo killer. If you have not listened yet get on it! We only have a handful of these left and we are not sure if a repress is happening or not.

SGNLS – This record is next in line and its gonna be a co-release with P.Trash. We will have a bunch of info coming very soon on this one. In the mean time visit our bandcamp page and check out a free sampler that contains a track from the album

TIT – A very exciting announcement. This is a brand new 2 man project with Shawn of Digital Leather & Bobby of The Hussy. We will be releasing the debut LP along with the always awesome Volar Records!

Random FDH news – We recently got some really awesome turntable slipmats. We are selling them for only 6$ a pop! We have them available over in the Merch section of the store.

We also recently dropped the price on alot of our backstock. We have tons of 7″s available for a dollar or two. We also dropped a few of our older LP’s down to just 5$.

Suicide Bong Tapes – Our all Philly tape label is still alive and well. We have a few new punk tapes coming in August from The Dolts and FTS. We still have a good stack of Likers tapes available, and a few Retreevers and Janelle tapes in stock. You can here the sounds of the tape label by clicking here

Digital Ding Dong – Yet another new venture for FDH is our all digital label we will be launching in July. Our goal with this is to try to release a new digital album every week! The focus of this label will be to not only help bands getting their new releases out digitally but will also act as a label for bands that have released a record but never got it released digitally. We will be kicking it all off with the first 4 releases being all the back catalog Strange Attractor releases that never got a proper digital release. We have about a dozen releases lined up for this venture as of now. This venture will not be genre specific! The only qualifier is that we need to like it. We are accepting demos now for this so if you want to send us a bandcamp or soundcloud link feel free to email us!

Primitive Hearts – US/ Canada Tour June 2014

Primitive Hearts are about to hit the road with Pookie & The Poodlez. Be sure to catch them in a city near you. We have about a half dozen copies of High and Tight still available from the first pressing. Grab it from our store today. Repress coming soon.

Late Winter Update

The Bad Doctors – We are very proud to announce that we are now taking preorders for the first full length record from West Philadelphia’s The Bad Doctors. “Burning City” has been a work in progress since the band formed back in 2009. While the band now has a few releases under their belt, both the Distractions EP & Spit it Out 7” are really just the start of the band cutting their teeth and developing a sound. From the opening notes of the album it’s very clear that the synth will be taking a major role on this record. Paired with precision drumming, solid bass lines, driving guitar riffs, and poetic lyrics, The Bad Doctors bring a sound that is not to be dismissed. Somehow the band has crafted a hybrid of Post punk, New Wave, Garage, Pop, and Indie that both keeps you in a modern timeframe while also eerily sounding like a lost 80’s record that would have been a hit with fans of bands like New Order, Devo, The Screamers, and Kraftwerk.

A few months back we released the Re Animate EP digitally as a teaser for this album ( This EP is currently a free download on our bandcamp page click here to grab it today.). The EP is just a taste of how Burning City engulfs punk riffs along with an electronic sound perfectly, melting together under the morose vocals, creating something that you can simply get lost in. The Burning City continues a new move in The Bad Doctors groundbreaking study of smart pop structures, orchestrated electronic madness, & the dynamic spectrum from the manic rock, creative melodies, and brooding thoughtfulness. The offical street date for this release is June 3rd. However we will for sure be getting these well before then and all preorders will ship early. We spared no expense with this release and are offering many different package deals including quite a few limited edition versions that are bound to go quick. Please visit our store section to preorder today! We also will be randomly tossing in a few goodies to all preorders including download codes, FDH swag, Tapes, Cd’s, and even a few records. Everyone that preorders get something extra on us (free stuff is all random no special requests).

Teledrome - We are just days away from the release of synthpop / punk masterpeice debut fill length from Teledrome. This follow up to the “Double Vision” 7″ on Hozac picks up with the same strong songwriting skills, however with a much crisper sound quality. We are the only US label involved in this (Mammouth Cave in Canada, and P.Trash in Germany) and suppies are very limited on the first pressing. Visit of store to order this today these will start shipping around the 1st of March.

Free Digital Compilation – A few weeks back we released a 20 song compiation of FDH and Suicide Bong tapes tracks from present, past and future releases. Please click here to visit our bandcamp page and download it for free

Suicide Bong Tapes – Our all Philly Tape sub division is still going full steam. A few months back we released a few great tapes from Janelle & Retreevers. We also made some great shirts that are now in our store section. We have a new tape from Likers up next. To hear our sounds please click here to visit our Suicide Bong Bandcamp.

Winter 2013 update

Teledrome -We are very excited to have our next release coming in Feb 2014 as the debut album from TELEDROME! This record will be released in Canada by Mammoth Cave, P.Trash will cover the Euro release, while FDH covers the USA. We have begun preorders in the LP section of the store and the first 25 copies will be on color vinyl. Here is a blurp about the record.

“Synth pop punk band from Calgary , Canada . They play a perfect mix of UNITS / SPITS-Synth-Punk, GARY NUMAN-Elektro-Pop, NEW ORDER-Electronic-Dance-Music with dark fluorescent FAD GADGET or DIGITAL LEATHER / LOST SOUNDS sounding parts! TELEDROME inspired of the early 1980s New York City club scene sound, would fit right in among any of the essential early Factory/Mute Records releases! The record will include the re-recording of a few from the HoZac 7″ as well as a slew of new songs. You can hear the first track “Boyfriend” on our player now.
Back in Calgary about 6 years ago, there was an amazing garage-punk band called THE CRYPTOMANIACS. If you can find that 7″, it is the best thing from that city in the last 5 years, so hard to find though. That band split when Ian Manhire moved to Ottawa and started WHITE WIRES and SEDATIVES. SEDATIVES first 7″ “Can’t Calm Down” was originally a CRYPTOMANIACS song called “Good Enough for Garbage.” Shortly after, Andrew Payne moved to Ottawa and started ZEBRASSIERES and FUN FUNS (later playing in KETAMINES with Paul from Mammoth Cave Rec.). The only person left behind: Ryan Sadler, who is the man behind TELEDROME. TELEDROME’s guitar player is Evan Van Reekum, who is in the great band FIST CITY and co-runs Mammoth Cave from Calgary .”

The Bad Doctors – Last month we saw the release of the new EP “Reanimate” as a teaser for the upcoming album “Burning City”. The EP can be streamed at It normally is a 2$ download however leading up to the release of the full length all you need to do is ask and I will gladly give you a free download of the EP.We also have the first single “AC” in our soundcloud player. We will have a bunch of info pertaining to the full length coming in early 2014.

Strange Attractor – The new LP “Back to the Cruel World” came and went very quick. We have 2 copies of the LP remaining in stock. Once they are gone you can get a MP3 version online or purchase a LP from either Ressurrection records in the USA or Mammoth Cave in Canada.

Suicide Bong Tapes

While its been a while since our last release. Our sub-division is still alive and well. We are still focusing on all Philly bands at this point and doing tapes limited to 100 copies. We have Retreevers and Janelle both out digitally now with tapes to follow in January (if your in Philly come out to the tape release / Label Showcase show) . We also will be doing a release for Sgnls and Likers in the new year as well as many more to come. Feel free to check out some of our sounds over on the SB bandcamp Page

The Bad Doctors – Reanimate EP & Burning City Album

A few years back I picked up a local Philly comp LP “Bloodstains across Philadelphia” featuring a bunch of local punk and hardcore bands. While listening I was taken in by the track “Sisyphus And The Gate” by “The Bad Doctors”. It had a great post punk / dark 80′s pop vibe that stood out among the other music on this comp. Instantly my ears were in love. The band followed this up with a self released LP “Distractions”, and while the band was clearly still finding their sound,  this record just further proved to me this band was one of the best that Philly had to offer. Fast forward  to early 2013 and the release of the “Spit it Out” 7″ released by Philly label “Eaglebauer Enterprises”. This single really showcased the bands move deeper into a world of synth driven, post punk, new wave. As soon as the needle hit this slab of vinyl I could not remove the record from my turntable for the next month. I knew almost instantly I wanted to work with this band.

Over the past half a year the band has been hard at work crafting a new record. The band recently finished the sessions for the upcoming full length record “Burning City” that will be released on Vinyl, CD, and MP3 in Spring 2014. This upcoming release will be out on FDH records in North America while P.Trash will issue a Euro edition. To help spread the word about the upcoming album we are releasing the “Re-Animate” EP bringing 2 tracks from the upcoming album, as well as a few EP only tracks. This EP will officially be released on Itunes and all the other major MP3 sites on November 26th. However as a special treat we have posted the tracks over on the FDH records bandcamp page today. Please visit to get a taste of the EP before its release date. And check back soon regarding more info on the upcoming album “Burning City”.

Fall 2013 Update

Strange Attractor -
We have Started Preorders for The new Strange Attractor LP today. This LP (the first North American Release from the band since the Just looking 7″ we did back in 2009),is Due out in a little over a month. Strange Attractor have a long history in one of Canada’s most alien landscapes – Sudbury, Ontario, so it is fitting that the aliens in Strange Attractor have made one of the most surprising, compelling and honest LPs of 2013 that no one will hear.
Highlights include the “Total Shit” trilogy on the b-side. “Feel Like Total Shit” / “This is Total Shit” / “I’m Total Shit” – three songs that give you a 360 degree views from the dregs of modern life: making bad choices, feeling powerless against the will of people who make bad choices, and just generally having everything stacked against you and turning those bad vibes inwards. In the Strange Attractor land, when we point fingers we have to remember that we are simultaneously pointing at ourselves.
“Back to the Cruel World” will fail to get the attention it rightfully deserves. It will not get the head space it needs, the listening time required to unlock the riches contained within. Sure, there will be a few true believers who will wave the flag of Strange Attractor, who will herald this LP as a cornerstone of Canadian music in 2013, but they will be met with complete blank stares and people turning back to topics they are versed in whenever they try to spread the word.
Why? Strange Attractor are from a small town in Northern Ontario. Strange Attractor don’t tour much, and when they do, they tour in Europe where they are already massive punk rock superstars. Strange Attractor don’t have a street team, management, or a fancy P.R. person who can ‘guarantee a Best New Music.’ Strange Attractor don’t have a social media strategy outside “making cool records” and “making cool videos.” Strange Attractor are not hot 20-year old dudes. There are no drops.
But make no mistake, “Back to the Cruel World” rules and is perfectly happy standing on its own, outsider status intact. When you find other people with Strange Attractor records on their shelves, give them the secret Punk Handshake™ and congratulate them on their good taste.
Strange Attractor – Real Dark Place from Yerf T. Spidermin on Vimeo.
You can also stream the entire record (and buy the digital album if thats your thing) over here.Please visit our store section to preorder the vinyl, all copies will come with a digital download of the record. Also the first 20 copies preordered from FDH will come with a free copy of the Strange Attractor – Just Looking 7″

Primitive Hearts -
After we released the debut full length “High & Tight” this past summer we realised the bands self released 7″ was nearing the end of its first pressing (limited to 300 copies on the bands own label No Rules!). This gem is what sucked me in to doing the LP in the first place and we wanted to make sure it continued to be available. So I teamed up with P.Trash and Resurrection to reissue this cant miss 7″. This pressing is limited to 500 copies and is out now.
You can also stream the EP (and buy the MP3′s) over here.
In addition to both items being available on their own I also am running a deal where you can get both this 7″ EP as well as the “High at Tight” LP for just 14$ plus postage. This add to cart button if for that deal.

To purchase the 7″ on its own please head over to the store section of the website.

God Mode / Living Laser – A few months back we teamed up with Glacial Records to release a few of our favorite NYHC bands going these days. Both God Mode & Living Laser bring their A game to this split 7″. While this record is outside of the normal FDH sound and might not be for all our customers, it is a very solid modern / throwback hardcore 7″. We still have a very limited amount of the clear vinyl version that is limited to 100 copies available in our store section.

Suicide Bong Tapes – Our Tape Sub Division is also still hard at work with new releases on the way from Reteevers (Really great poppunk / indie rock) and Janelle (Shoegazy dreamy indie). We are super excited about both upcoming releases and have them over here on the Suicide Bong bandcamp page
Coming Soon – Alot of great stuff coming soon. Including releases from The Bad Doctors, Armedalite Rifles, Digital Leather, Teledrome, Sgnls, The Bam Bams, and many many more